Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Special Need Dolls

I recently filled an order for a childrens hospital in North Carolina for 6 dolls with specific special needs.. Thought I'd add some pics in case anyone is wondering if a doll could be made for your own special angel with one of these special needs... 

This doll has an omphalocele... An omphalocele is a birth defect in which the infant's intestine or other abdominal organs stick out of the belly button (navel)

Her omphalocele is securely sewn in place. If could actually be removed at a later date is desired...

This doll has a feeding tube as well as a trach tube... I can insert either, but customers will need to send me one to use, as I have no way of getting them myself... I can also make "pretend" ones using craft foam if you don't want the real thing added to your doll...

 I sew around the "incision" really well in order to keep the feeding tube in place.. Rather than fill the bulb with water, I fill it with air, so there's no chance of the doll's stuffing getting wet... You can easily add more air if ever necessary...

 This sweetie is a Down Syndrome doll with hearing aids in both ears..Her eyes are a little slanted and oval shaped, her face is a little rounder than the other dolls and a bit flatter from the side... 
Hearing aids are attached with velcro and can be removed if wanted for bedtime :o) The dolls don't normally have ears, but if you want your doll to have ears to go along with the hearing aids, I'm glad to add them.. 

 This baby doll is a little boy doll with hydrochephalus, a shunt and a much larger than normal head...

 His shunt is located at the top of his head along with his scar, and his tubing runs down the side of his chest and tummy, ending at the scar point... The shunt and tubing can be felt under his "skin"...

This cutie patutie has one shorter than normal leg.. His foot is located just beneath his knee on one leg... 

And last, another hydro boy, this one with a just slightly larger than normal head.. I thought I had taken a picture of his tummy tube, but can't locate it.. But he has a tube running down his chest and tummy ending at the scar location.. His shunt and horeshoe scar is located on the back of his head and can be felt through his hair...

I'm always willing to try to recreate any special needs your child may have.. If you are wondering if a special need you would like added to a doll can be incorporated, please email me at karen @ (no spaces) and ask.. Pictures always help me to visualize what I'd need to do, so feel free to send me pics!

You can read more about my Special Angel dolls at or go to Custom Ordered Special Angel Dolls.  
Dolls are available in either 16" or 20" sizes..


  1. These are fantastic Karen.. Well done !!

  2. These are wonderful! They are so loveable. Thanks for making them and sharing them. What an inspiration and use of your talent. Bravo.

  3. where can I purchase the feeding tube baby doll? I have a niece who was adopted and her birth mother did heroin when pregnant with her and thus she was born without an esophagus. We want to get her a dolly like her to help build her self esteem. I am willing to pay ANY price!

    1. You can read more about the Special Angel Dolls at and/or order a custom made special needs doll at
      If I can answer any other questions, please let me know..

  4. I would love to order a doll for my granddaughter I was trying to email you could not email

  5. Hi Vinny.. You can email me at karen @ or karen @ (no spaces).. Have a great day...

  6. Nice blog and so informative thank you for sharing us.

  7. I want to teach my kids about g-tube feeding can you help??

    My oldest may need hearing aids could you help